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Community Post: 26 Signs You’re Actually Louis Stevens From “Even Stevens”


1. You + food = LOoOoOoOVE

2. In fact, you always keep your favs on hand (and within reach), just in case you feel like a lil snack:

26 Signs You're Actually Louis Stevens From "Even Stevens"

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3. And when you don’t eat, you grasp of reality becomes a bit tenuous:

4. Your reactions are sometimes a *bit* dramatic:


5. And, in general, your facial expressions are on a whole other level.


6. Your smile is one of your best assets:

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

7. But you’ve also got other ASSets:

At least in your dreams you do.

8. Fitness doesn’t always work out for you:

9. But that’s OK because you have other talents. For example, you’re really good at ~dancing.~

10. You have an excellent command of the English language.

11. Some may even say your words are poetic…

And they would be right.




12. You? Photogenic? Hell yes.

13. You never shy away from asking the tough questions:

14. And your outlook on life is very carpe diem:

15. Sometimes you don’t quite have this whole technology thing down:

Disney / Via gurl.tumblr.com

16. But you are way skilled at approaching members of the opposite sex:

17. Your flirting game is hella strong:


Disney / Via rebloggy.com


18. And you know how to put the moves on peeps:


*wink wink*

19. You really try to see the best in people:


20. While simultaneously dreaming big and setting lofty goals for yourself:

21. And you’re always cracking jokes with friends…

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