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#64: Ritchie Yip Interview [Podcast]


Welcome to Episode #64 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast. This episode is a wisdom-packed conversation with martial artist Ritchie Yip.

Ritchie YipRitchie is the founder and head instructor of InFighting Training Centers based in Vancouver, BC. He also has a growing YouTube channel loaded with helpful content on fitness, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The links…

InFighting Training Centers
Ritchie’s YouTube Channel

Ritchie is also famous for appearing in countless videos on the Grapplearts and Self-Defense Tutorials websites, hosted by Stephan Kesting.

Did you listen to my interview with Stephan? If not, you can find that right here—

FHL #62: Interview with Stephan Kesting

In today’s interview, Ritchie talks about—

The joy of learning
The power of pride
Building a business
The key obstacle to success
Managing burnout and injuries

Dealing with haters

Ritchie also discusses what might be his crowning achievement, the ultimate video Kickboxing Course, which will soon be available on the Self Defense Tutorials website. For more info, be sure to follow—

Self-Defense Tutorials.com

Okay! On with the show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Thanks for listening! Keep fighting for a happy life! 🙂

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