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I’m Buying You Pizza– Fun Instagram Giveaway


I’ve been getting a lot of petitions lately to do a meet-up at races or plan a group run for all Run Eat Repeaters. Love the idea! But I can’t plan anything until after all my videos with Hyland’s Powered encompassing the Boston Marathon squad are done.( Read as: not until June if my schedule clears up .)

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Since I’m swamped until then I supposed a fun lil pizza party would be a nice succour prize. And I’m devoting one RER follower pizza for their own party! New giveaway up now on the @RunEatRepeat Instagram feed for a fun pizza giveaway. Enter to win $50 for pizza. You pick the place and I’ll send you a gift card or e-gift for the prize sum any other way if needed.

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Since we’re on the topic … here are some of my favorite pizza gifs! Enjoy while you wait to see if you won …

crying with pizza

best pizza gifs 1

best pizza gifs funny

best pizza meme fun instagram

best pizza memes instagram

best pizza party gif

best pizza pocket

best shotgun pizza


I’ve been get a lot of required to be schedule a #RunEatRepeat Meet Up! Run Meet Repeat? Anyway … I wish I could have an epic working and feeing Pizza Party with you … and maybe one day we will! Until that happens- I’m giving 1 win their own Pizza! Enter to win $50 for your own pizza party.

To Enter: 1. Follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram and Like the corresponding giveaway post. 2. Commentary with your 3 favorite pizza toppings. 3.( optional) For additional entries tag a friend( and if they win maybe they’ll share ). Use separate comments per friend- as many as you’d like.

Ends 3.22.19 9am PST. Open to US residents merely. Giveaway is not sponsored by or to be associated with Instagram. Opportunities of winning based on number entrants. Winner will be contacted via DM 3.22.19 and must claim prize within 7 days or alternate winner choice. Winner to receive gift card to a local pizza restaurant or e-gift for the prize amount unless other arrangement worked out.

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