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Not Sure What to Do at the Gym? Follow Along With This Trainer’s Weekly Workout Plan


One of the best ways to have success at the gym, before ever touching a weight, is to have a plan. We’ve all been there before: you get to the gym and sit around wasting time because you aren’t sure what you want to do. In order to help you get into a routine, I’ve made a weekly workout plan to save time and build muscle.

If you’re trying to build muscle, follow this workout plan for four to six weeks. You can also just use this plan to help get you into a routine – definitely reference it on those days when you’re simply too tired to think.


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None of the exercises are set in stone, so if something is too complicated or too easy, please feel free to induce the necessary changes. The same thing applies with the weight. I’d instead you attain modifications and adjustments when necessary and perform the exercises with proper form, as opposed to performing the exercises incorrectly.

Before every workout, be sure to warm up with dynamic workouts and activate your core and glutes. Don’t forget to cool down after every workout.


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