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Fitness blogger’s cellulite photos make an important point


Listen up, folks: There is nothing wrong with or unusual about cellulite, and blogger Sophie Allen wants you to remember that.

Allen, a popular fitness Instagrammer from Australia, recently reiterated this message to her hundreds of thousands of followers by sharing a composite of two photos of her butt. On one side of the Instagram, her posterior appears bump- and blemish-free, while the other side shows noticeable cellulite. Neither of them is photoshopped; as Allen explains, this seemingly dramatic change is all a question of positioning.

“Just keepin’ it real with y’all #ihavecellulitetoo and it appears when I squeeze my butt and disappears with the simple act of slightly tilting my hips out! Don’t ever let Instagram take away from your achievements, cause there’s a lot of editing, tilting, posing, angles, lighting and all the rest going on,” she wrote in her “unfiltered AF” post. “We all do it, just don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you see all these celluliteless peeps out there. We have to embrace and love our bodies as they are, whilst working towards our healthiest, strongest selves.”

As Allen explained to PopSugar, nobody, not even your favorite supermodels, looks perfect all the time, and people should try to take everything they see on Instagram with a grain of salt: “The more we can get the word out the better!”

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