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5 Local-Approved GVL Fitness Spots


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Ready to crush your fitness resolutions? Don’t worry, this time it will be different. (And even if it’s not, it’s the effort that counts.) Grab a yoga mat. Lace up those running shoes. Strap on some goggles—you know, chlorine. You’ll want to run, not walk, into these five fitness spots near you.

 Soul Yoga

 wrote: “Soul is without a doubt my favorite yoga spot in town. The facility is always spotless and the owners are always finding new ways to improve. I am an avid sculpt student. This is my utmost favorite class!”

wrote: “What a great group of coaches, this box is very welcoming to newcomers and always have your best interest in mind. They work with you one on one to ensure that you don’t get hurt or overdo it before you jump in a class.”

wrote: “Taking our daughter to Mr. Beckham’s was one of the best things we ever did for her… Somehow Mr. Beckham is able to encourage your child step-by-step and maintain discipline. His staff was always engaging and motivating.”

wrote: “The group fitness instructors have so much energy and personality. Some instructors even take it to the next level with turning off the lights and bringing club lights! I look forward to each class with excitement and enthusiasm.”

wrote: “Nice gym, plenty of equipment and treadmills. It’s quiet, which is important to us as we want to enjoy our music using headphones without screaming televisions. It was clean, in good repair, and convenient from Woodruff Road.”

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