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5 Reasons Why Fitness Tips From Akshay Kumar, Milind Soman Other Celebs Are Not Helpful


Every year, at least one Bollywood movie is released where an actor gets into tremendous shape for the role and people collectively lose their minds. 

There are multiple videos and posts that get made debating whether the actor got ripped while on steroids, what was his diet, what was his training, and so on. The debate goes on and then everyone forgets about it at some point. And then another movie comes in and the cycle continues.

One interesting thing that happens is that multiple news and media outlets interview these actors and ask them for fitness tips for youngsters and other people to follow. This act of putting the actors on a pedestal and asking for fitness tips is outright ridiculous.

Here are 5 reasons why they are not the right people to give out fitness information:

1. They Are Not Nutritionists Or Personal Trainers

Why Celeb Fitness Tips Make No Sense© YouTube

It is not their job to know about these things. It is like asking an aeroplane passenger if they know how to operate a flight, as they have flown in an aeroplane. It is outright stupid. 

2. They Do It In A Time Frame That Would Be Harmful To Others

Why Celeb Fitness Tips Make No Sense© YouTube

Actors these days end up doing three to four movies a year. Gone are the days when they would just have a single blockbuster movie and reap the benefits of it for a year. 

The industry is flooded with talent and to stay relevant, they need to be in front of the audiences more.  For the same, they need to transition between roles and their physique changes drastically.  It is unhealthy and downright insanity for a normal 9-to-5 working guy to try to replicate that.

3. It Is Their Only Job 

If you have seen this interview of Aamir Khan regarding his transformation for ‘Dangal’, you know this is not possible with your day job.

He would go on a trek for 3-3.5 hours daily, eat low-calorie foods, go to the gym, swim, do cycling or play tennis and then again go for a walk. That is 8-9 hours of daily exercise to shed weight fast.

Why do they do that? They get paid to do that.  Can you do it? I do not think so.

Image 2

4. Their Theories Are Outdated 

There are multiple scientific studies that have proven time and again that it is the total amount of calories that you eat vs. expenditure that makes you gain weight or lose weight.  Things like eating carbs after 6 pm do not really matter or do not go beyond the laws of thermodynamics.  

There are studies that have also shown that sugar is not linked to cancer and saying so is trying to simplify a very complex problem that is beyond the understanding of a layman. Still, these Bollywood actors think that their knowledge is superior to scientists who dedicate all their lives to studying and do these researches.

Here are some absolute gems:

“Sugar is poison”- Milind Soman

“Do not eat carbs at night” – Varun Dhawan

“Do not eat after 6:30 pm”- Akshay Kumar

5. They Do Steroids

If you actually thought they all are natural, you must be living in a deluded world and I am happy to burst that bubble for you. Just watch this video where Ranbir Kapoor says that they take Clenbuterol (a banned drug) to have a body transformation and being shunned by Shahid Kapoor.

Doing drugs to build a body (Ranbir Kapoor and Sushant Singh) –

If you still want to put these guys on a pedestal and follow what they say, go ahead, even though I have just presented a strong case on why you should absolutely NOT.

Author bio:

Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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