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6 Apps to Download to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals this Year – Crystal Carder


With the new year right around the corner, you may have already made your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. If this sounds like your goal for the new year, you’re in luck!

These 6 free apps will help you keep on track of your weight and have fun while doing it!

MyPlate from Livestrong.com is great for tracking your daily meals and snacks. With it’s a built-in food journal, you can track how many calories, protein, fat, and carbs you are eating. Unlike other food journaling apps, MyPlate also gives users free meal plans and workouts.

has everything you need to help you lose weight in the new year.

If you’ve ever looked at a certain food and wondered what was in it, is the app for you! This app helps you to lose weight by tracking your calories, exercise, sleep, hunger, mood, and macros.

Fooducate gives users complete breakdowns of 1000’s of foods. Fooducate will explain food grade level, nutrition, and even give you better alternatives to try. Fooducate offers many other free features including; diet tips, meal recipes, and a community for support.

is a weight loss app from Under Armour. This app tracks your current weight, weekly weight loss goal, activity level, and your meals. MyFitnessPal even keeps track of special recipes, foods, and meals. If you’re looking to lose weight, MyFitnessPal app can be extremely instrumental in helping you do it!

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is your own personal trainer. This app gives you 185+ free workouts including endurance, mobility, and yoga. Each personal trainer is a world-class Nike Master Trainer.

Each training session is unique and has a session to match your schedule. This app alerts you with personalized workout recommendations that are catered specifically to your routine.

If losing weight in the New Year was your goal, Nike Training Club is a must-have app on your mobile device.

Lose It

If you’re good at staying organized and keeping track of things, the lose it app is perfect for you! This app allows you to keep track of your calories, food intake, and even tells you how much to eat in order to lose so many pounds by a certain date.

It’s important to note is free, but does offer a premium paid version that tracks even more.

While the doesn’t personally help you lose weight, it will help you have fun while doing it! VIBBIDI gives users the options to listen to any song, commercial-free. Users can create a rocking playlist to listen to during their workouts and enjoy non-stop playing.

2019 is the year to finally lose those extra pounds! Let’s do it with this handy apps! What are some apps you use to help you manage your weight?

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