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Five Wellness Hacks to Keep Your 2019 Fitness Goals on Track While Staying in Hotels | Hilton Press Center


Five Wellness Hacks to Keep Your 2019 Fitness Goals on Track While Staying in Hotels

January 15, 2019

Hitting the road in 2019 and hoping to get or stay fit? No matter the destination or scenario, staying active is in reach – as close as five feet from your bed, in some cases, or just steps beyond your hotel room.

Sticking to your fitness goals when traveling starts with accessibility, so Hilton launched its Five Feet to Fitness guest room concept with that in mind and is gradually rolling it out at select hotels. Part traditional hotel room, part “miniature gym,” the in-room concept makes sweat sessions more convenient and private. It also provides a wellness portal with an interactive kiosk that guides guests through fitness yoga sessions, body weight routines, high-intensity training intervals (HIIT), and more.

But travelers not staying in a Five Feet to Fitness room can use the concept for inspiration to turn any hotel stay into a healthier getaway, says Melissa Walker, Hilton’s fitness guru and wellness trend spotter. Here are five of Melissa’s top tips for staying fit and well this year even while living out of a suitcase.

Recognize your roadblocks and create a game plan

Steer clear of roadblocks to your workout by anticipating them and creating a backup plan. Photo: Hilton Americas-Houston

Find your own Five Feet to Fitness

Keep in mind that your workouts can happen anytime, anywhere, including just outside your hotel. Photo: Hampton Inn Jasper

Try something new on the wellness scene  

Try an outdoor activity, such as a scenic biking adventure in Los Cabos, Mexico. Photo: Hilton Los Cabos.

Find a quiet space to meditate

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown’s Japanese rooftop garden is a Zen-like oasis in the middle of the city.

Plan ahead to recover right

The award-winning Hilton Honors app allows travelers to select the room they want based on the hotel’s layout and outside surroundings.

Melissa Walker has spent over 20 years in the health, fitness and nutrition space as a Registered Dietitian and Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer, with undergraduate degrees in Exercise and Health Science and Human Nutrition and Dietetics and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She is currently the Senior Director of Global Wellness at Hilton.




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