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Strength and Stamina After 50: Senior Fitness Tips | Fit After Fifty


“Move it, or lose it.”

You’ve probably heard these clichés countless times, but they begin to carry a note of warning as we enter our second fifty years of life.

As we age, our bodies begin to deteriorate if we don’t condition them: Bones become more brittle, , and our ligaments and other working parts don’t bounce back from injury as quickly as they used to. Some of this is just part of getting older, but we can do a lot to stave off some of the effects of aging, to live a longer, healthier “next fifty.”

Here are some senior fitness tips to help improve your strength and stamina!

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Do Something Every Day

Even if it’s just going for a walk around the block, set some time in your schedule every single day to move and be active. are a great tool to help make sure you’re moving every day, since they can alert you throughout the day if you haven’t taken enough steps.

Mix It Up

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You will likely get bored quickly and fall short on your workout routine if all it entails is a daily trip to the treadmill at the gym. Mix up your fitness regimen with a variety of movement-heavy activities, such as climbing stairs, , , cycling, dancing, tennis, Zumba, or even .

The best thing you can do for yourself is find activities that you actually enjoy, so that working out is something you look forward to doing. If you currently dread doing your daily workout, change it!

Make It Social

Exercising with others can give your workouts a boost in a couple different ways: First, can be more fun, giving you extra incentive to follow through. And second, you’ll be surrounded by people who can hold you accountable and support you in your fitness goals.

You might schedule a weekly workout with friends, sign up for a fitness class, or even join a local . regularly is another great option. Whatever you plan for your time together, they’re sure to be full of energy, and you’ll have to work to keep up!

Don’t Be Afraid of Weight Lifting

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Weights aren’t just for the high school jocks or body builders! Weight lifting is an excellent way for people of all ages and fitness levels to build strength and condition healthier bodies. You can start small to increase your strength by training with resistance bands, and then move up to weights when you feel more comfortable.

Focus on Heart Rate

Blood pressure becomes a bigger concern as we age, so give your heart the exercise it needs to stay healthy. Build your stamina by doing endurance activities . Endurance activities are exercises that keep your heart rate and breathing up for a longer period of time (such as jogging or cycling).

Remember Your Muscle Groups

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As you build strength by lifting weights or other activities, make sure to work on each of your major muscle groups, not just one! A good rule of thumb is to do exercises (such as weight lifting) to build strength at least two times each week per muscle group, and to alternate the muscle groups you are working out (don’t target the same group two days in a row).

Have your own tips for maintaining your strength and stamina after 50? What works for you? with us!


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